Rosheen O'Donnell

Rosheen O'Donnell


Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Otago

Rosheen decided to be a dentist at age five, so later headed to Dunedin where she gained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a healthy appreciation for tramping, skiing and music. She started with a dental House Surgeon position in Dunedin before moving to private practice in Auckland.

After marrying, Rosheen went on to travel extensively and resided in London for 15 years. Together with her husband and their 2 young sons, she returned for family and lifestyle reasons and are enjoying the change immensely, making the most of the sea, mountains, expansive greenness and good eating.

She is constantly educating herself in all areas of general dentistry, aiming always to provide quality, informed treatment with care. Joining Gordon, Michelle and their team is inspiring and rewarding and Rosheen's plans now are to enjoy the family home, raise beautiful children and continue with her chosen profession, aiming for the best results.

What a revelation! I have had a pathological fear of dentists for as long as I can remember. Not any more. Rosheen and the crew at St Heliers Dental Group are amazing. I used to get heart palpitations every time I sat in a dentist chair, but now I'm at ease and happy to put my faith in the experts. I can't speak highly enough of their facility, ability and quality. I have my smile back!

Dean McLanclan